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It's heeeere!! Read all about the new all-natural and organic lip tints!

It's heeeere!! Read all about the new all-natural and organic lip tints!

Finally, it’s here – The tinted lip balm and the healing lip balm. I’ve spent extra time and care into this project of making completely natural colourings and an ideal formula for a healing and protecting lip balm.


I found two plants; alkanet and annatto, which I’ve been making different strengths of infusions of, creating beautiful natural oil soluble colours. Then I mixed and matched them up, untill I thought the colours were JUST right, this took about a thousand tries, but it was super fun!! - and I’m so thrilled to finally be able to offer you lip tints in two different colours: Ruby Lip Tint (a super pretty light ruby colour), Scarlet Lip Tint (a slightly more daring orange red) and a healing lip balm (no colour) with chamomile and marigold.


OH wauw Sea buckthorn oil!

I juuust couldn’t help myself- I had to add this amazing oil to the Beauty Cream, it’s already in the Beauty Serum in big amounts, and after hearing so many praises of the effects of the serum, which of course is the formulation in combination, but I truly believe sea buckthorn to be a miracle worker on it’s own also. So I deciced to add it to the Beauty Cream and loving the result, I ’m sure you will too. Sea buckthorn oil is truly every womans dream oil! It's known for it's super anti-aging properties, thanks to the collagen boosting vitamin C, E and carotenes. At the same time it's very soothing and healing against acne and problem skin. Strenghtens capillaries, and therefore works as an anti redness factor, over time, while the betacarotenes provides a lasting glow!




Bettes Beauty Bundle

As some of you might have noticed, I’ve had to to raise product prices slightly. It’s been a work in progress, where I have improved the product formulas to the quality they are today, only choosing the highest ingredient quality possible, as well as considering the intense workload with formulating and producing everything from scratch. Therefore I had to go through all expenses and so forth, with a business coach, where we ended up with these new prices.

BUT of course, I ’ve thought of all of you true beauty lovers, and I have GREAT news - I combined  the whole Bettes range for you in a pretty eco box ”Bettes Beauty Bundle” for a really favorable price – this though, is a limited offer of 24 packages available from today! So hurry up to get yours


Coming up!

Christmas is coming, and I really want to make some special christmas offers for you, for presents. So which gift combinations would you like to see? I have 4 different options, choose 2 combinations and let me know in the comments below:


  1. The Beauty Cream and Beauty Serum + Luminous Face scrub 15 ml. sample
  2. The Beauty Cream and Lip Tint (of choice)
  3. Luminous Face scrub and Healing Lip Balm
  4. Luminous Face Scrub and Beauty Serum + Beauty Cream 5 ml. sample




Autumn is THE time for self care and regenerating, don’t you agree? – that’s why, if you missed it on Instagram/Facebook, I have a very special, super effective DIY facial mask recipe for you:


I whip up this mask 1-2 times a week, this time of year, to keep my skin clear and radiant, try it out!

DIY deep cleansing and nurturing face radiance mask:

- 1 tsp honey (preferably liquid)
- 1 tsp Apple cider vinegar
- 1 tsp wheatgrass or spirulina powder
- 1 tsp clay powder or rhassoul.
- ½ tsp turmeric powder
- Sometimes I add a teaspoon of coconut oil, as shown in picture, for a more moisturizing effect, leave out for more deep cleansing effect.

- Mix all ingredients well together, apply to clean face, leave on for as long as you like (at least 15 min), rinse well and apply a generous layer of Bettes Beauty Serum

- Enjoy your new baby-soft, GLOWING skin. You're welcome






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