I fell in love with a matcha bowl

Jeg forelskede mig i en matchaskål
I love matcha, it is an extremely delicate and incredibly healthy drink that benefits both body and skin. I love the whole ceremony in making theen and giving myself the gift daily of enjoying a cup. But matcha is not only beneficial externalized, I often make a face mask with matcha (though here I use a somewhat lower quality), sometimes alone and other times along with other skin-beneficial ingredients that you can find in your kitchen - recipe for my own favorite matcha mask, you get further down...

One day about six months ago, I visited the signe of "Signe Schmidt Ceramics" and lost my heart completely to an incredibly beautiful matcha dish that she had tried her self. , in my favorite colors. However, since I only use one cup myself at a time, I've put the others in the shop so you can get your hands on one. This means, of course, that they are limited edition so far. The first three buyers will have a bamboo whip and spoon, which is also used for the ceremony.

In addition to using the bowl for matcha, I also use it to mix masks and to eat breakfast off - and that's how I've always loved multifunctional things.

Home-touched matcha mask
  • Half an avocado (like an overripe)
  • A teaspoon of matcha powder (I use it from herbal stuff to masks)
  • A tablespoon of soy a yogurt (can be omitted)

Mash the avocado thoroughly and stir it together with the other ingredients, add the cleaned face and let it work for about 20 minutes, then easily remove it with a bamboo or cotton cloth.
The mask is very moisturizing, nourishing and stimulating for the skin cells.

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