summer set


Lovely summer set for the holiday 279 kr. (special offer in July)

I have put together a small set that can be used for holidays and workouts that just fit a skin that is challenged extra with sun, salt and heat (sweat). The kit contains

- Skin Dew 100 ml - my latest full size product, which is a combination of skin tonic and moisturizer. Contains, among other things, ultra low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Provitamin B5 and aloe vera, and is also great as after sun to the face

- Lavishing Lemon Balm Cleanser 10 ml - Cleansing balm and cleansing milk in one, which gently and effectively removes both dirt and make-up. Is a balm, but can be mixed with water and turned into a delicious creamy cleansing milk

- Glow Mask 10 ml - Great super food mask that gives a huge boost of nourishment to the skin, packed with vitamin c from amla berries. Has been shown to be bright on pigment changes. In addition, acts anti-inflammatory on an irritated and even impure skin.

- Organic cotton cloth for cleansing the skin (value 29 kr) - The cloth is woven to be specially adapted to the face, is gentle with at the same time it gives a light exfoliation and is perfect for removing cleansing products and masks.

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Havtornolie fra Bornholm

Sea buckthorn oil from Bornholm



Tusind tusind tak!

Thank you so much!