Thank you so much!

Tusind tusind tak!

On this year's first day, I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for being here, thank you for supporting me and thank you for telling me all about my products for your friends and family! Without you, I wasn't here today, today I live in the heart of the dream that I've had almost five years ago, and I had the courage to jump out of the house five years ago-and what a journey! Here's the scratched :

In 2015, my husband and I moved from Copenhagen to South Zealand, near my childhood home, where I now grow most of my herbs for my products. I set up the company's and drove it pretty much as a hobby shop for three years, while finishing my studies in biomedical lab analysis.

In the spring of 2018, something really started to happen, and suddenly I was so busy touching the creas and the package of orders that it became very clear to me that I could not be able to take care of a full candidate's studio (as I had started on after a period of full-time bio-analyst and a lot of incontebrates in an outdated daytime penal system) and, at the same time, following the demand for my products. It was there that I had to take the very big decision to go completely and fully into Bettes. It was with a great deal of butterflies in the stomach and there are even more well-intentional doubts from the surrounding environment. 

2019! When the decision was taken, everything almost happened in record speed-new negotiators, new cooperates with a lot of great people, name in the press, more and more customers-and suddenly I realized I was living my dream and of my dream, so big! I still pinch myself in my arm every day when I have the time to look up from the cremepot and the herb-to-be. It was also here that I discovered that my husband more and more often had to give a hand to the lab, to pack, to take pictures and take care of the graphics on the webshop, and so now he's practically jumping all the way on board, which just makes his day even better!
And tadaaaa 2020. We have a great many plans for 2020, in addition to our beloved creme production, we have a great passion for helping our hard-tested ecosystem and climate, we are expanding our herbal garden and kitchen garden, using methods of permaculture, with the help of biodynamic methods, which are particularly beneficial to nature. We are going to go to the country and interview inspiring people with important messages, we will regularly come up with videos of inspiration and advice, both for the skin and for the health, but also in the air. garden-use and climate. We will have more herbal watches, herbs and events in the garden, holding and participating in markets-so come with it, it will be a feast, a real herbal party! 

I hope I see you in 2020, I hope you get an amazing year, too, and that you do something to that dream that might come knocking on the inside-listen to your intuition and follow the signs, I did.



Get a present on your order!
In Bettes, we're not a fan of special sales days or months. In addition to calling for a very unconstructive overuse, we as a micro-company cannot live on it either.

On the other hand, we are a huge fan of giving gifts, and we are doing this in HELE January, where we attach a small gift to all our orders.

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