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Welcome spring and new urtebede

Velkommen forår og nye urtebede

Oh, haveglæde!

Here you can see what I have fire in pt; it is a large piece of land on a hill where I am already in the fall planted a lot of lavender and now have started to bring pray to the lemon balm and chamomile, as well as a lot of other herbs and wild flowers - so production, but certainly also to all of our little pollinating friends, and other insects.

The weather has allowed me to start early in the year and it is just absolutely amazing. Some of the best I know is to be in the garden and I can both like it rough and fine work!



I grow both vegetables and herbs most of the herbs are for my products. I am so privileged to have two gardens to grow in - one is my own, which is a nice park-like garden where I can grow lots of vegetables and herbs, mostly for their own use. In addition, I have my father's garden, which is on one hectare, it is indeed my barndomshave and is located only ten minutes from me. My father doesn't cultivate itself it quite big, so that's why it fits so well, that I use some of the reason to grow my herbs for my production. We also grow different plants and vegetables that we sell from april in our small shop on the site. Here you can also buy my products and look herbal and floral production, then came finally over a day :-)


Harvest to the whole year,

the Herbs and flowers from the garden, I use to make water - and oil extraction, to my products.

In the years bet I will be the first year that I can get a harvest of herbs, which can range to the year the next harvest. In the past I have had to supplement with purchased organic herbs, why on some of my products are listed to the herbs either in their own garden or are organic (i.e. bought organic).

I prefer to clearly use my own herbs, because it is besides to be a kind of therapeutic work to care for such a garden, too, is so important for the insects, that we all have as many flowers as possible, instead of just lawn and a few perennials. I do of course completely without pesticides and artificial fertilizers! And I use biodynamic principles and permaculture methods.


Photo: Rigetta Klint.


I share out of my flower seeds

I have gathered a whole pile of seeds of different summer flowers in the summer, which of course I should use for my production, but I also think it is important to share of his wealth ;-) and not least because it is a super fine way, to help our hard-tried bees, butterflies and a lot of other important småvingede friends. There can even make a big difference, by having areas in the garden, where you have a lot of wild summer flowers. They are super easy to make, you punctuated them simply just out on the bare earth and river easily over them and the water, BOOM!

Even if you live in apartment, so you can then also easily use the seeds, you can sow them in a window box or in a jar - it you will be happy and it will the hungry bees also.

So if you would like to have a small bag of seeds, write it in the note to your next order!Or send me a message or email so we can arrange pick-up of both the seed and products in our little shop :-)

Applies throughout the whole of march, or as long as I have seed back (could be that I run out before the)



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