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Hi, my name is Mette (Bette). Since childhood, my mother and grandmother taught me about the amazing properties of herbs. Countless books on flowers, herbs and natural medicine have since been closely studied.

Today I have more than ten years of professional experience in the skincare and health care industry. My education in biomedical laboratory science, as well as herbal science studies, further support my lifelong dream of developing my own natural and organic luxury skincare series. A series that is not only completely free of harmful chemicals, but is also extremely effective and produces noticeable results. Using the most nutritious oils, gentle herbal extracts and natural active ingredients / vitamins, the skin's own self-healing mechanisms are supported so your skin can radiate health again.

BETTES Skincare is a natural, organic and handmade skin care series designed to support and enhance the skin's own ability to heal and rebuild itself.

The recipes are developed and tested from scratch, with a great background knowledge on the composition and effect of herbs and oils, as well as on the anatomical and cellular structure of the skin. All oils, vitamins and active substances are especially selected for their high nutrient content.

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The herbs for oil and water extraction, are grown in their own garden, and / or harvested from the wild, according to ecological and permaculture methods, with a special eye for biodiversity.

Herbal extracts are used, with herbs from the garden, rather than extracts, this procedure, keeping the whole complexity of the herbs intact, which results in better and faster results. This is because the products thereby work with the skin and not MOD the skin's own processes. Their natural active properties are kept intact through gentle heating and cold stirring methods. Only 0-55% water (ie aqueous herbal extracts) is used in the products. This means that each product has a much higher percentage of valuable oils and active ingredients, which means that the efficiency of the products is increased. Provides better protection of the skin in changing weather, sun and pollution. In addition, it makes the products much in use and therefore more economical.

The preservation system is a proprietary, tested and approved system that is 100% natural and mild, based on aspen bark extract and potassium mineral.

Each product is handmade with love, careful dedication, biomedical laboratory knowledge and a small sprinkle of modern witchcraft.