Glow Kit (Summer Edition)

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Bettes Personal Summer Favorites for a beautiful skin here in late summer / autumn. The kit consists of

- Skin Dew 100 ml

- Beauty serum 30 ml

- Glow mask 30 ml

The products together make up the perfect combination for skin care in hot months, where sticky sunscreens, sun and sweat challenge the skin. The pores become easier clogged, forming easier impurities and UV radiation can stress the skin and cause lines and pigment changes.

Glow mask is plugged with antioxidants, a kind of super food to the skin, with Spirulina, Turmeric and Amla. It contains a high amount of natural vitamin C and niacinamide, good for a stressed, blushing and pigmented skin.

Skin Dew is enormous moisturizing with the help of Aloe Vera, panthenol and ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which is moisture binding, the smoothes of lines and soothing to the skin.

Beauty serum is an oil serum that nourishes without clogging the pores. Moreover, it is a true vitamin bomb that counteracts aging and gives a beautiful persistent glow. Used on top of Skin Dew.