Glow Kit (autumn edition)

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Glow Kit contains

Beauty Cream
is a nutritious, soothing g protective dagecreme. Right now that the weather changes and becomes colder, it is just the best choice to close your skin so it remains healthy and in balance. Beauty Cream contains a very high amount of vitamin E, which works healing, corrective and smoothing on the skin.

Glow maskIs super food for the skin and is burst filled with vitamins and nutrients. Contains Spirulina, Turmeric, Amla, Bentonit Lerog Coenzyme Q10. It contains a high amount of natural vitamin C and niacinamide (B3). Works rooting and smoothing on lines, refine the pores, smoothing the skin tone and gives an instant good glow.

Beauty serum, Is an oil serum that is particularly rich in vitamins and minerals. Care in depth and adds the skin's cells important nutrients so that they can function optimally and renew. Counteracting aging signs and promotes a beautiful and healthy complexion. 0 November

You can get the glow kit until d. November 30 2021